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Need a septic tank inspection and/or pumping ...

Clark County Health Dept. certified O&M I & II Specialist septic inspector and pumper. Ted is certified to inspect multiple systems such as - gravity, pump to gravity, sand filter, sand mound, pressure distribution systems.

Serving Vancouver, Battle Ground, Brush Prairie, Hazel Dell, Camas, Washougal, La Center, Ridgefield, Yacolt, Amboy and surrounding areas for all of Clark County. We are also licensed for Skamania Coundy and Cowlitz County. Providing you with a honest, dependable service for over 19 years.

The Health department notice is for an inspection of your system, the inspector will determine if the tank needs to be pumped at that time.

When you hire a company certified by the county health dept. a septic system inspection is done of the tank and accesible components. The report is then filed online to the Health Dept by that company to a program called onlineRME where you have public access to view your report at any time.

Ted has been in the septic business for over 25 years & has owned and operated TED-DEE BEAR Septic LLC since 1999.

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A Few septic hints:


  • Maintenance on your septic system can prevent possible damage to the soil and water in the ground around your home, and may extend the useful life of your system.

  • Have you seen the commercials about using a product to maintain your system, between inspections.
    There is no reason you need to add any additives to maintain the operation of your septic. Your natural bacteria works fine! Hang on to your money!

  • Don't use powdered soaps in the washer or dishwasher, this can create a buildup and has been the culprit to a back up problem in a lot of our service calls.

  • Over excessive use of toilet paper can cause some backups.

  • BACKING UP - First thing to check ... uncover the inlet lid close to the home, if you can see the baffle, (it is the pipe coming from house plumbing into your tank, this is one of the most frequent places that cause a back-up in a home) Clear the buildup within the pipe area and you may just get flowing again with no money out of your pocket.

  • Even if it says it dissolves and is safe for septic's, it doesn't say how long it will take to dissolve!

  • Don't use your toilet as a garbage can! If you put junk down the toilet, you will need to have the tank pumped more often!

  • Medications - I have had several inquiries concerning medications and septic systems. Some of us have been through the cancer regiment or you may be going through it right now and wondering about all the drugs going into the septic system.
    After some research I have found that the unofficial consensus is to wait until you are done with treatments and then have the system pumped.
    Some of you may be taking other medications or needing to use a strong disinfectant, our suggestion would be to have your system checked regularly to ensure it is not killing the natural bacteria, which helps keep your system operating

  • Tank is full - Don't panic a septic tanks normal operating level is approx. 10 inches below ceiling of the tank. The pumping is determined by the amount of sludge and scum levels in the tank.

  • Having access risers on your septic compartment(s) can be a benefit to you. Backing up ... just uncover the lid and check to see if the baffle is plugged, many times we have been called out for emergency pumping, only to find that it is the inlet baffle plugged up.

  • No baby wipes, pre moist wipes, q-tips, female or male products, coffee grounds, don't rinse paint brushes and rollers, etc... Do not flush!

  • Excessive use of bleach can kill the good bacteria in your tank. Go easy on bleach in the laundry!

  • Drain cleaning products - using too often can upset the balance of a septic system.

  • In 1994, the Washington State legislature amended its 1993 position by adding the statement that, "Chemical additives do, and other types may, contribute to septic system failure and groundwater contamination."
  • Letter for septic check up
    Many of you have received notice saying you are past due, but don't recall ever getting the first notice. Don't worry if your inspector can't get to you quickly and it is past your due date on the letter. The Health dept has assured us this will be alright, as long as you are on schedule with a septic certified company!

If you are searching on GIS for property information

A lot of customers have gone to the county property site expecting to find the information about their septic inspection. Please note the program is behind in the links for current data of septic inspections. To get the most current data you need to go to the onlineRME site..

Is your inspection due now....

Make sure to check the date on your notice from the health dept. They send out the post cards early and you don't want to have the inspection and or pumping, until the month it is due. Save your money until it is time!


Looking for the list of certified inspectors ...

Click here to go to the Clark County Health Dept list of OM I & OM II inspectors in the local area.

Skamania County list of septic inspectors and pumpers

Cowlitz County home owners click here to go to list of certified inspectors in your area.



Clark County: Did you get your letter from the health dept. telling you it is time for a inspection? Remember they will send these notices out early prior to your actual due date. Some of our customers asked "why don't we just get it done now to get it over with" This is fine, but please note if you do it early the electronic program will then recalculate your due date from your most current inspection. (example - letter says please get done by November 7th, you received the letter in August, you decide to get it done in August... so your next due date the letter will come to you around June and say please get your inspection done in August.)
Give me a call in the office and we can put you on schedule for the month you are due.

Cowlitz County septic systems:
Cowlitz County has a fee to help them maintain a septic operations and maintenance program. The fee is included in every gallon pumped from any site in the county. You will find the cost is at least .07 higher per gallon from your septic inspector/pumper, than the quoted price in Clark County to pump and dispose of septage. We report gallons pumped every month.

Skamania County septic systems:
Skamania county has a fee for gallons pumped in their county as well and your inspector / pumper will include this in the cost to pump. We report gallons per month and send appropriate amount due.


2011, Dec 30th- Clark County Health dept fees:
Click here to read the news release from the Clark County Health Dept The commissioners have approved the property tax for septic systems.

2010, January -The county requirement for septic inspections:
If you have a pressure distribution system and no other components with it, you now have 2 year inspections. Click here to read the news release from the Clark County Health Dept.



 Information & Questions

Give us a call: 360.896.5143

Letter for septic check up from Clark County Health Department.?
Many of you have received notice saying you are past due, but don't recall ever getting the first notice. NO WORRIES

Don't worry if you get scheduled with your inspector but it is past your due date, the health dept has assured us this will be alright, as long as you are on schedule with a septic certified company!

The Health Dept is working hard on locating all septic systems within the county, so it may come as a surprise to some of you just now getting a notice when you have never seen a notice before, or it has been a very long time.

You may find it hard to reach a lot of the companies as we are all experiencing a high volume of calls. I know getting voice mail isn't fun, but we will return your call as soon as possible!

How often do you need an inspection?
Simple gravity system with or without a pump - every 3 years
Pressure distribution system - every 2 years
All alternative systems (sand mound, sand filter, ATU, Glendon etc.) - Once a year
as well as all Food establishments.

What is a riser?...
A lot of people have been asking... this is a plastic cylinder that is set on the access hole(s) in the septic tank and are cut to ground level, then a lid is mounted into place. Allowing for easy access to the septic tank for future maintenance and cleaning.

Alarm going off....
Stop using water, check to see if the breaker has tripped or that the pump is securely plugged in. Some pumps are hard wired and others are plug in. Give us a call!

When hiring a septic inspector and pumping company be sure to ask if there are any additional costs for locating, digging, truck and operator, filing of inspection report, trip charge, etc..

Electronic filing  ...
The Health Dept requires electronic filing of inspections and pumping on all septic systems.
Just click on this public access link to onlineRME , this is the program to find your report your inspector has filed.

October 2010 - From TED & DEE ...
We want to Thank Everyone in our celebration of 10 years since we began, October 1999. It's because of you that we are celebrating ...Thank you!

Did you know...
The measurements of the sludge and scum levels in the tank is how it is determined when a tank could need pumping.

Do you have a filter...
It is in the outlet baffle of your septic tank. Did you know you should be cleaning it.
We recommend that you rinse the filter with your outside water hose at least every 3 months.

Can't find the tank...
We have electronic locating equipment if needed to find your septic tank.

Do you have a alternative system in need of inspection?
Glendon, Whitewater, ATU...
There are a handful of inspectors certified to inspect these particular types of systems ... call us if you would like a recommendation. (360) 896-5143.




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Clark County Health Department -septic information
Realtors page: Clark County
Homeowners page: Clark County

Looking for the list of certified designers ...

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A Caring Closet provides used Durable Medical Equipment to those in need in Clark County at no cost to seniors. Call (360) 258-0039

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for the past 10 years. We are sorry to say the Food Bank has decided to no longer hold a cruise in. We have enjoyed sponsoring and participating in this annual event and wish great success in the future fund raisers the Food Bank holds.


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